It’s been a hot, sweaty summer, and we’ve come down with a disco fever.  Saw a local doctor, he said the only cures are bird spit and the funk of RODION (Gomma records).  Mixmag dubbed him the “new genius of Italian Dance music” and we’re pleased as pie to welcome back this original Italian disco troubadour. His collaboration with Hugo Sanchez, “Sambaca,” has been our track of the summer.  If you’ve been to the later hours of a TICT event, you probably got down to its growling bassline and catchy vocoded chants.  One of our friends dislocated her knee dancing to it, it’s that good. But don’t just take our word for it – Rodion counts Aeroplane, the DFA records team, Erol Alkan, James Holden and Larry Tee amongst his fans. ***just added: ubergroovy guest DJ Metro Tokyo*** Plus support from TICT residents Trix, The Uhhh and Mau Mau and a special disco set from Raz. 即将度过一个火辣、甜蜜的夏季,我们正被迪斯科的热度击倒。去看了医生,他告诉我们唯一治疗的办法是鸟的唾液和RODION(Gomma records)的funk. Mixmag配入了他在意大利舞曲中所表现出,新的天赋。我们能非常荣幸地附身去倾听这位原滋原味的意大利迪斯科民谣乐手的辉煌到来。 与Hugo Sanchez合作的“Sambaca”是我们夏日的音乐桥段。如果您曾在晚些时候到过某个TICT活动,那也许它那缓慢的低音弦和轻颂回应的曲调下慢慢沉醉。夸张的也许你都不相信-我们的一位朋友与此音乐共舞,竟然膝关节脱臼!是的,它是如此的棒! 对于此我们真的不需用更多词汇去介绍了——Rodion将携Aeroplane,DFA片场团队的Erol Alkan,James Holden与Larry Tee & 他的粉丝们。 另外TICT的常驻民 Trix, The Uhhh 与 Mau Mau 加上Raz 的特别迪斯科舞曲设置将把派对推向高潮! 音乐试听: Rodion Raz TICT Residents     Saturday, September 1st 9月1日,周六 11am-10pm 中午11点到晚上10点 Bund Beach 外滩阳光沙滩 Waima Lu near Maojiayuan Lu 外马路近毛家园路 Door: 100rmb 门票:100元 FREEEEE before 12 Noon IF you RSVP: 如需得到下午12点前的免费入场,请请邮件到: RSVP guest list closes at 5pm on Thursday, August 30th RSVP 客人名册的申请窗口将在8月30日,周四下午5点前关闭\ ONE RSVP per Email, write your full name in the subject line 每个email地址对应一位来宾,并且请附注您的全名在主题栏。 *IF IT RAINS the party will be moved to the NEXT DAY – Sunday September 2nd *如遇天气不测,派对活动将顺延至下一天(9月2日,周日)  More Info: 更多信息:
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