Drawing on eclectic influences, Minirine is the fashion-side expression of globetrotting mixed-medium artist Marine Bigo. Trained in Belgium, and now calling  Shanghai home (by way of Paris, amongst other travels), Minirine’s influences span from 17th century corsets to the rawness of the 21st century metropolis. This while maintaining “ready-to-wear” as the core artistic concept. Designs are homegrown from Bigo herself, and each passing collection possessing its own unique flavor. At the 3rd DAFF this coming Saturday, September 22nd, Minirine will be showcasing and selling its latest, plus a few prototypes, and are open to custom-cut orders by the designer’s inspired hands. Check out previous collections at <http://www.minirine.com>, and come through to enjoy the booth, which will also boast some of Minirine’s photographic collaborations. The Ice Cream Truck’s Design, Art, and Fashion Fair – 14:00 to 22:00 at Wharf 1846 Bund Promenade, 601 Waima Lu, near Maojiayuan Lu. Free Entry for all!
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