Nothing makes us want to dance like a day of art, design, fashion, music, eating and drinking in a beautiful outdoor spot. That means the feet are going to be pretty charged up after DAFF on Saturday . . . so we’re taking them to the DAFFterparty: with two of our favorite Shanghai-based DJs and frequent collaborators Raz and Mia behind the decks, expect housey fashion stuffs, artsy beats, and festive fair techno. The venue is Virgo, a newly opened club in the Cool Docks, right next to DAFF.  Expect a bumping dancefloor and great drinks.  We’ll have some signs there to show you the way, so stay peeled as the event winds down.   没有什么事情能使我们如此希望在那天跳舞,艺术、设计、时尚、音乐、美食同时设置在一个美轮美奂的户外景点。 这意味着在周六的DAFF后,您的脚已经充足电;因此我们将携大伙来到DAFFter派对,两位我们最爱的上海大热的DJ,当前与我们合作的Raz和Mia,在幕后,为大家带来期待中的时尚大戏、艺术律动和节日展会技艺。 场地在Virgo,在Cool Docks里一个新开业的Club,右边紧邻DAFF;可以预见到一个沸腾的舞池和可口的饮品。我将提供您入场的签名,在活动后我们将收藏好,它将见证您在DAFF 活动中的美好记忆。   Raz Mia   Saturday, September 22nd 9月22日,周六 10pm-4am 下午4点到凌晨2点 No cover charge 门票:免费! Virgo The Cool Docks, 505 Zhongshan Nan Lu, Building 11, near Xinmatou Lu 中山南路505号老码头11号楼 近新码头街 More Info: 更多信息:    
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