A deep-disco epidemic has been spreading across dancefloors everywhere, and Doctor Dru is to blame.  TheHamburgnative has been concocting white-hot slow-burning grooves that blend the warmth and funk of disco with the moodiness and drive of deep house, and he brings the heat to Lola this Friday. Dru grew up a skateboarder, and grew into a professional drummer.  A skating accident left him with two broken arms and unable to drum.  Luckily his fingers still worked, and so began a love affair with drum machines and synths.  Since then, he’s ghost-produced for names he can’t mention, founded his own label (Jeudi records) to release original material, and cracked no.1 on Beatport with “The Voice of Dru.”  Don’t miss his first appearance inChina. The last time TICT teamed up with Lola, it was a capacity-packed dance marathon with Round Table Knights.  Their already-great sound system’s been upgraded recently, and we’ll be taking things even deeper, dirtier, and later this time around. Support from Mau Mau and Frank Costello. 一场deep-disco流行病在各个舞场已经蔓延开来,而Doctor Dru是这个罪魁祸首。这汉堡土著已经编制一系列套路去点燃心中的热火——亦喜亦忧驾驭着deep 皓室,混合了warmth和funk的迪斯科。本周他随即带着这些热度的作品开进Lola Dru成长为一名滑板手和一名专业鼓手,一场溜冰事故使他两臂折断,不能击鼓;幸运的是他的手指仍然可以灵活运动,至此,开始热衷于击鼓器和合成器,他不在提及鬼使神差的名字,创建了属于他自己的厂牌(Jeudi records),发布原创的元素与他那No.1沙哑的嗓音“The Voice of Dru”在Beatport。不要错过他在中国的首场演出。 最近一次TICT与Lola的合作,与Round Table Knights带给大家一场极具能量的舞会马拉松。现在Lola刚刚升级了他们的音响系统,而我们只需专注吧音律调节到更加到位。 来自Mau Mau 和Frank Costello的全程支持 Doctor Dru on the web http://soundcloud.com/doctordru http://www.facebook.com/dottoredru http://www.jeudirecords.com http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/doctordru The Ice Cream Truck & Lola present The Ice Cream Truck 与 Lola 共同呈现 Doctor Dru Friday, November 23rd 11月23日,周五 80rmb, includes one drink 入场80元,含饮料一杯 10pm ‘til late 晚10点开始 LOLA Bldg 4, 570 Yongjia Lu, near Yueyang Lu 永嘉路570号4号楼, 近岳阳路   More Info: 更多信息: http://weibo.com/tict  
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