MiC check is a series where we check out what’s popping off in the middle kingdom.  Check these posts for original local music, art, fashion and more. Shelter/Sub Culture regulars Hamacide and Downstate have a new project called S L V (Some Late Visitor).  Their first EP, self-titled, has just been released on Urban Waves, complete with apocalyptic artwork from Kim Laughton aka Olivepixel.  Grab it for however much you feel like paying HERE. These are two of the more prolific producers in Shanghai.  Downstate’s made heaps of intricately fuzzed-out synth moodiness and Hamacide’s a wizard with twisted, glitched-out, bass-heavy beats.  But S L V is a case of one plus one being more than two, especially in terms of working the dancefloor. Taking cues from trap, hip-hop, trip-hop, glitch and IDM weirdness, S L V’s sound gels around reverb-soaked percussive leads, aggressively pitched vocals, and perfectly placed, perfectly fat kick drums. Drunk Monk played ‘Clip Arp’ at Shelter’s 5 year anniversary party last Thursday, and I had to ask what it was – maybe a new, darker direction for Baauer?…  it’s an awesome surprise when something sounding so fresh turns out to be the work of locally-based producers. The Hollow Point party tonight at Shelter will be celebrating S L V’s release.  Go hear it the way it was meant to be (with subwoofers, in a basement).  
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