In celebration of the holiday season, TICT will be hosting an Ugly Sweater Affair at the newly opened Arkham. It’s our favorite holiday tradition – put on the sweater your colorblind grandma knit for you when you were seventeen (or your ugliest alternative), get together with friends, get tipsy and act a fool.  We’ll be mixing in a ton of bass plus Arkham’s insane dancefloor. We’re using the occasion to give a warm welcome to DJ/Producer/recent China transplant, Henry Krinkle.  He hails from Florida, and crafts some of the tightest UK-tinged bass-heavy house music we’ve heard in ages.  Come check out the new rising dance talent in the neighborhood. Plus the SH finale of handsome TICT stalwart Jon, and a hello/goodbye set from Simba, the force behind and all-around party maniac.  Plus Mau Mau. The first 100 people wearing something cringe-worthy to get a free bottle of Gold Cider, and the ugliest of all will score a pair of Urbanears’ wicked limited edition Tweed headphones. This will be TICT’s last party of the year. Thanks for the amazing times, looking forward to partying with you in 2013!   新开张的Arkham将举行一场“丑陋看的毛衣”活动来庆祝圣诞假期的到来。 这是我们最喜爱的节日传统-穿上你已经看不清颜色的奶奶在你17岁 时给你织的毛衣(或者你所能找到的最难看的替代品),带上几个朋友一起喝个小醉,疯狂的玩一把。我们将大量播放贝斯音,而Arkham正好有着一个疯狂的舞池。 借此机会我们热烈欢迎给最近来到中国的DJ/监制Henry Krinkle.从弗罗里达呼啸而来,他带来了我们已经很久没听到过了的极致到爆的贝斯低沉的英伦风格HOUSE音乐。都来看看这位冉冉升起的电音新星吧。 外加潇洒的TICT忠实骨干Jon在上海的谢幕演出,fatsesssion.fr网站和all-around party maniac的幕后力量Simba的Hello/Goodbey演出。另外还有还有DJ Mau Mau助阵。 前100名到场且穿着丑陋的将免费获赠一瓶金西打酒,全场最丑陋的毛衣的主人能赢的一副Urbanears耳机。 这将是TICT今年最后一场派对,谢谢大家在这一年所带来的美好时光,期待与各位在2013年再一起派对!   Henry Krinkle   Support     10pm-5am 下午10点到凌晨5点 50rmb 门票:50元每位 ADDRESS: 1 Wulumuqi Lu , near Hengshan Lu 乌鲁木齐路1号 近衡山路   More Info: 更多信息:
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