It’s not just the coffee and the hangovers – we’re twitching with excitement to have genre-mashing technical bass party wizard DOORLY in town tonight for our first TICT vs Rankadank party at Arkham.  The man was nice enough to sit down with us over email and spill the beans: You’ve played with and for acts from Prodigy and Fatboy Slim to Usher and Nicky Minaj. How did it happen, that you’ve been able to be involved with so many types of music? I’ve always been really open minded and enjoyed making and playing all styles of music, I’ve always tried to bring as much energy as possible to whatever I do, especially live through turntablism and it’s amazing to have played with so many awesome artists along the way. You became known for dubstep, and lately you’ve been producing bass-driven house tunes. What led to that change? Have your fans been open-minded about new directions in your style? I’ve always made house music, if you look at my soundcloud you’ll see house tracks on there from 4 years ago, but I”m definitely steering more towards that way completely now.  I made dubstep and even drum and bass for a while but it just all got a bit cheesy and noisy for me and I literally couldn’t find any tracks that I would want to play as a dj in that end of music so I kind of left it behind as a producer.  I still play bits and pieces in my sets and still enjoy bass music but 90 percent of it these days is just not my thing. What are the tracks that are killing it for you right now? Tough question to ask a dj!  But I’m loving almost everything Swamp 81 are doing right now, all of the new Joy O & Boddika tracks are ridiculous in the club, and Zed Bias & Paleman – Furrball (WOW) also I’m finishing almost every set with Todd Terje – Inspector Norse! You like to use four CDJs on stage, plus samplers. You only have two arms. How does that work? Haha I just get bored watching djs mix (or sometimes not even do that) a record then fist pump for 6 minutes then play another especially when a laptop and especially Ableton is involved.  I feel like I owe the crowd a performance, 4 decks means I can re-build tracks live using acapellas, tools and parts of my own tracks broken down.  Plus the Pioneer rmx1000 (a unit i was involved in during the planning) and it’s built-in drum machine makes the set actually a live performance. How did you decide to move to LA? How’s it been, since you moved? Loving it, we had only been there for just under a month and were really getting settled but had to leave to do this tour (which means im on the road for 2 and a half months!).  I was a little bit gutted to be away for that long having only just got settled but I’m literally circum-navigating the globe and visiting some amazing places I’ve never been to before (Shanghai being one!) so its not too bad but I’m certainly looking forward to getting home again.  I launch a run of my own new parties when I get back as well so I’m looking forward to that. We heard that you turned down a booking at Fabric to come to Shanghai. That made us blush. Any expectations, coming into China? Fabric is one of my favourite clubs to play at obviously but I play there quite regularly and they were really nice and let me do another date instead when I explained I had the opportunity to do this.  I’ve never been to China so I honestly haven’t got a clue what to expect!  But all signs point to me looking like a very excited DJ when I step up to the decks! You’re going to a deserted island forever, and you can only bring 3 songs, one animal, two foods, and one flavor of ice cream. What are they? 3 songs: The XX – Night Time (Greg Wilson remix) The XX ‘Night Time’ – Greg Wilson Version by wearemachinemusic Gangstarr – full clip Gang Starr – Full Clip by theRABBLE Mike Dunn – Phreaky MF MIKE DUNN PRESENTS MR 69 – PHREAKY MF- by Urko Animal: My girlfriend Becky Rascal (who if you met her you would allow me to classify her as an animal!) 2 Foods: Caprese salads & Taco Bell Ice Cream: Ben & Jerrys Phish Food
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