Thaw out from the TICT’s monster Eskimo Rave in the concrete jungle of Arkham. In the last three years, we’ve done research.  Dancefloors feel better in animal suits.  Get furry and get down to the newly renovated club.  We’ve caged up tribal panda queen Mia; hairy beast Trix and curly koala Alecs Marta, plus a zoo of TICT residents – shake your flippers/tail/antennae/snout till the sun comes up. 30rmb / free entry with animal suit or Eskimo Rave ticket stub. 在 Arkham 的丛林里 TICT 为你带来爱斯基摩狂欢节的后续派对 在过去的三年里我们发现,满是动物的舞池才是最high的舞池。打扮成你最喜欢的动物,到全新的Arkham来和熊猫部落女王Mia,绒毛野兽Trix,卷毛考拉Alecs Marta,外加TICT动物园的驻民一起嚎叫到日出吧! 门票30元/打扮成动物或凭爱斯基摩的咆哮活动印章可免费入场。 DJs on the web:   Arkham 1 Wulumuqi Lu , near Hengshan Lu 乌鲁木齐路1号 近衡山路 More Info: 更多信息:
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