BOTTIN, “one of the finest purveyors of electronic disco around,” (Vice Magazine), will be landing in Shanghai for the first time for a special Qingming holiday show – thanks to the fierce threeway of TICT, Holly Sh*t and Lola. Based inVenice,Italy, Bottin was raised on analog synths and music from Italian Giallos and horror movies.  He’s grown up to produce disco that only an Italian could make.  His sets are an unpredictable journey into space disco, italo rarities, and deep funk. A reckless blend of retro-futuristic sounds and contemporary tracks that always sets the dance floor on fire. He’s remixed Lindstrom and In Flagranti, and released on labels like Eskimo, Italians Do It Better and Bearfunk. Don’t trust us, trust Mike SImonetti:  “I love his attention to detail when he makes a track. His knowledge goes deep, his edits are superb, and his synths sound warm. What more can you ask for? Oh wait – he’s Italian. That’s the best part.” Enough said?  See you on the dancefloor.   Support from TICT & Holly Sh*t residents.   在TICT,Holly Sh*t和 Lola三家派對權威的強強聯手下,被Vice雜誌稱為"這個時代最傑出的disco DJ之一"的Bottin將于清明节当天首次登路上海為大家帶來一場專場演出。 出生於意大利的威尼斯,Bottin從小就深受analog synths,Italian Giallos和恐怖電影音樂的熏陶。長大後他開始製作只有意大利人才做的出的disco音樂。他的現場往往是一場通往space disco, italo rarities, and deep funk的神秘莫測的旅程。他那帶有未來主義又融合了复古风格,不羁而獨成一派的曲風總能輕易的點燃現場。 他曾remix過Lindstrom和In Flagranti的作品,並在Eskimo, Italians Do It Better幾Bearfunk等廠牌下發過唱片。 再來看看Mike Simonetti是怎麼說的吧:我十分喜歡他對細節的專注。淵博的知識,專業的剪輯,躍動的音率。你無法要求更多。對了,還有就是他來自意大利-這是最关于他精彩的部分吧。 說這些夠了吧?那就舞池上見嘍!   由TICT和Holly Sh*t 团队鼎力支持   Bottin on the web     TICT, Holly Sh*t and Lola present TICT与 Holly Sh*t与 Lola共同呈现 Bottin Thursday, April 4th 4月4日,周四 50rmb 入场50元 10pm ‘til late 晚10点开始 LOLA Bldg 4, 570 Yongjia Lu, near Yueyang Lu 永嘉路570号4号楼, 近岳阳路   More Info: 更多信息:  
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