D  A  F  F Design, Art & Fashion Fair Spring 2013|May 25th & 26th TICT is proud to present the fourth installment of Shanghai’s Design, Art & Fashion Fair. DAFF is Shanghai’s biggest biannual lifestyle community event. Aimed at giving China’s creative leaders and rising talent a platform to interact, share ideas, and promote new projects, the event gives an unprecedented opportunity to connect with and inspire the public at large. At the previous DAFF in September 2012, more than 80 brands and artists came together with over 5,000 fairgoers for a full day and night of sharing, selling, watching, eating, drinking, and dancing. This year, DAFF will be extended to a two-day format starting Saturday, May 25th from 2:00pm to 12:00am and ending on Sunday, May 26th from 2:00pm to 9:00pm. Returning to the Wharf 1846 South Bund promenade, this spring’s DAFF will include some major changes as well as regular fixtures such as –       Fashion shows running both days from local and international designers –       Live art performances –       DJs and live bands –       Interactive installations –       Workshops –       A revamped new layout with pop up shops and exhibition booths from hot design, art and fashion brands –       Delicious food and drinks from artisan chefs –       Chill out area for eating, socializing, and dancing As the sun goes down and the Pudong skyline lights up, so does DAFF.  Participants’ pop-up shops, bars, music and live art installations shine on for two full nights in a festive atmosphere. Together, we can foster a more connected, cultured and creative community in China.  See you there!   D  A  F  F 设计、艺术与时尚盛会 2013 春季|5月25日-26日 TICT 荣耀向您呈现第四届DAFF上海设计、艺术与时尚盛会。 DAFF 是上海最具盛名的潮流生活双年展,我们致力于将中国最有潜力和创造力的人们汇聚在一起,互相交流、分享经验、迸发新的灵感、并有机会在未来的项目中合作,从而更深层次的影响社会及大众。 在2012年秋季的DAFF,共有来自全世界各地的80个品牌和艺术家,同5000名观众分享才华和创意、观看艺术创作、享受美酒、美食和音乐。 本届DAFF将会拓展为两天 – 25日周六下午2:00-12:00 & 26日周日下午2:00-9:00。 重磅回归至沃弗1846南外滩,今年DAFF春季将在原有成功经验下,将拥有更多创新与变革: –       两天不间断的本土及国际品牌时装表演 –       现场艺术表演 –       DJ与现场乐队表演 –       互动设置 –       互动工作坊 –       更具吸引力的潮流设计、艺术与时尚品牌的现场店铺与展览区域 –       上海最具想象力的厨师们带来的美食与饮料 –       为享受美食、音乐和社交专门设计的完美休闲区 当太阳落山后的浦东天际线渐渐呈现,DAFF盛会也将步入高潮。所有参展商的店铺、酒吧、音乐和现场艺术表演将在两个夜晚为所有来宾持续开放,共同享受节日般的狂欢。 携手我们,共同将开放沟通、文化交流和创意潮流的美好呈现给中国大众。 不见不散!  
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