TICT and Lola are back at it, this time with Vienna-based, Brazilian DJ, vocalist and producer, JOYCE MUNIZ. Undoubtedly, one of the most important female house producers of the past few years, her eclectic style fuses European club sounds with tropical rhythmic influences from Brazil, South America, Africa and the Carribbean, while built on a solid foundation of percussion and heavy bass. Joyce’s diverse appeal has garnered support from the likes of SKREAM, AZARI&III, FRIENDLY FIRES, CROOKERS, JESSE ROSE, CLAUDE VON STROKE and LUCIANO. Her enthusiastic DJ sets will be sure to get you sweating on the dancefloor. Support from Teasy & Mau Mau. Friday, 05/10/13 10pm – late @ Lola 570 Yongjia Lu, near Yueyang Lu 永嘉路570号, 近岳阳路 80 RMB includes one drink More Info: http://www.tictcreative.com http://weibo.com/tict TICT与Lola强势回归,这次他们带来了来自巴西混迹于维也纳,集DJ,歌手与制片人三重身份于一身的JOYCE MUNIZ。 无需置疑,她是过去几年中最有影响力的女性皓室音乐制作人之一,在以打击乐器与低沉的贝斯为基础的同时,在欧洲电音中融入了巴西,南美,非洲及加勒比海等地的热带雨林特色,形成了其不拘而独特的风格。 Joyce多元化的音乐吸引了诸如SKREAM, AZARI&III, FRIENDLY FIRES, CROOKERS, JESSE ROSE, CLAUDE VON STROKE及LUCIANO等知名乐人的参与。她充满热情的现场一定会让你的汗水打湿整个舞池。 客串DJ Teasy & Mau Mau 星期五, 05/10/13 晚10点-午夜 @Lola 永嘉路570号, 近岳阳路 门票80元,包括一杯饮料 更多信息: http://www.tictcreative.com
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