130803_TheShindigSandbox_poster-medialogos The Sandbox Let’s be real…it’s just a sandbox with a fat man’s bathtub.  But we love it- you love it- so we’re back at Bund Beach! This edition we’ve got DONN on the decks who you’ve seen around town supporting big acts like Botnek [Dim Mark], Canyons [Modular Records], and Softwar [Club Modular]. Alongside him will be our favorite Eskimo Rave diva Michael Cignarale with señor-fresh-off-the-boat Javier Kalero from España. Expect the works from disco to house to that dirty stuff going deep into the night. On top of that, an actual ice cream truck will be making its long overdue appearance serving you creamy cone after cone and as always, there’ll be more than enough floaties, water balloons, silly string, body paint, and amazing Scioko hotdogs to go around. See you in the box! Date: Saturday, August 3rd Door: 100rmb // FREE before 12pm noon w/RSVP: rsvp@tictcreative.com ONE RSVP per Email, write your full name in the subject line // To reserve your own soft & comfy cabana, email rsvp@tictcreative.com. *IF IT RAINS the party will be moved to the NEXT DAY – Sunday August 4th 沙坑聚会 凭良心说…这只是两个大沙坑加上一个给胖子用的浴缸。但我们就喜欢这感觉-你也一样-所以我们又来办沙滩派对啦! 这一次我们请来了DONN。你可能曾在诸如Botnek [Dim Mark], Canyons [Modular Records]及 Softwar [Club Modular]等大牌DJ的现场见过他在DJ台上的身影。和他一同出现的还有曾在我们的爱斯基摩狂欢节嗨翻全场的Michael Cignarale以及刚刚从西班牙来到这座城市的Javier Kalero。准备好接受从Disco到House再到那击穿夜晚的黑暗的音乐的洗礼吧。 另外,真正的冰激凌卡车终于将现身活动现场,为你带来吃不完的冰激凌。现场还会有各种玩具,绘画,以及来自秀口的热狗。 沙滩上见! 日期:8月3日,周六 门票:100元 // 发送email 到rsvp@tictcreative.com预约即可在中午12点前免费入场;每个email地址对应一位来宾,并且请附注您的全名在主题栏。 // 发送邮件到rsvp@tictcreative.com预定沙滩小屋让你的海滩派对更完美吧! *如遇天气不测,派对活动将顺延至下一天(7月14日,周日) DJs https://soundcloud.com/thedonn http://www.mixcloud.com/javikalero/ https://soundcloud.com/cignarale http://www.soundcloud.com/theuhhh
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