130713_BeachParty_Banner_web2   We’re bringing the heat back to the beach! This time we’re passin’ that Dutch to Eigenwijs— one of Amsterdam’s young, up-and-coming producers who’s been making splashes in the house scene with his recent ‘You are So Wonderful’ [Ametist Records] and ‘Chicago Heartbreak’ [MLP Music Label] EPs. He’ll be mixing it up between deep, tech, and Chicago house—droppin’ tracks and bikinis with ease. Stacked support from Hong Kong newcomer – AC204, Lola’s koala Alecs Marta, Minimalist’s Will A, and of course TICT’s own hungry hungry hippo The Uhhh. Lick it up. You know the drill. TICT即将把热浪带回沙滩!我们邀请到来自阿姆斯特丹的Eijenwijs作为本场“PASS THAT DUTCH”的沙滩电音派对的特邀DJ。这位来自荷兰的新兴音乐人的近期单曲‘You are So Wonderful’ [Ametist Records] 和 ‘Chicago Heartbreak’ [MLP Music Label]正在电子音乐界激起热浪。Eijenwijs将用混合Deep、tech和Chicago House的音浪,把我们的沙滩带到浪尖! 当晚同时将有来自香港的AC204,携手Lola和Minimalist的驻场DJ-Alecs Marta和Will A强力助阵。当然还有来自TICT本家的The Uhhh来掀起电音浪花! Door: 100rmb 门票:100元 // FREE before 12pm noon w/RSVP: rsvp@tictcreative.com ONE RSVP per Email, write your full name in the subject line // 活动开始的第一小时免费 (11:00-12:00)。 发送email 到rsvp@tictcreative.com申请;每个email地址对应一位来宾,并且请附注您的全名在主题栏。 *IF IT RAINS the party will be moved to the NEXT DAY – Sunday July 14th *如遇天气不测,派对活动将顺延至下一天(7月14日,周日) // To reserve your own soft & comfy cabana, email rsvp@tictcreative.com. // 发送邮件到rsvp@tictcreative.com. 预定一个沙滩小屋让你的海滩派对更完美吧! DJs https://www.soundcloud.com/eigenwijs https://www.soundcloud.com/ac204/ac204-live-glow-at-lima https://www.soundcloud.com/clubbingshanghai/cs-mix-alecs-marta-lola-club http://www.mixesdb.com/w/Category:Will_A http://www.soundcloud.com/theuhhh
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