DFFTRPRTY-flyer-web-03 There’s nothing better after a long day of shopping, eating, drinking, and people watching than breaking out some serious moves on the dance floor. To help you ease into it, we’re bringing Dean aka Funk Bast*rd [Cosa Nostra // Darker Than Wax] with his sweet blend of funk & house to keep the daytime DAFF vibe goin’ all night. As the co-founder of Singaporean label Darker Than Wax, Dean’s been producing & DJing over 10 years backing acts like Dam Funk, Pearson Sound, and Jamie XX.  Support from Shanghai’s heavy hitters Donn & The Uhhh guaranteed to make you groove ‘til the sun comes up. Lick it up. Friday, September 20th 10pm – 3am @ DAFF underground Bund Waterfront – 16Pu 531 Zhong Shan Dong Er Lu near Dong Men Lu [Next to Hotel Indigo] Rmb30 //free shots for early birds   Funk Bast*rd // Cosa Nostra // Darker Than Wax http://soundcloud.com/cosanostra http://soundcloud.com/darkerthanwax   Supporting DJs /DJ https://soundcloud.com/thedonn http://soundcloud.com/theuhhh   More Info // 更多详情: www.tictcreative.com www.weibo.com/tict ——- 在持续购物血拼,享受美食美酒和看了一整天帅哥美女后,没有什么比放下一切进入舞池狂欢热舞更好的了! 为了更好的让大家快速进入状态,我们带来了Dean aka Funk Bast*rd [Cosa Nostra//Darker Than Wax],和他有趣的混合疯克&迷幻摇滚乐,来为我们把白天DAFF 的气氛一直持续! 作为Singaporean label Darker Than Wax的合伙人,Dean已经与Dam Funk, Pearson Sound, and Jamie XX这些超级巨星DJ一起合作策划和DJ超过10年了。同时还有来自上海的重量级DJ领军人物Donn & The Uhhh保证带你一起嗨爆整晚直到天亮!   周五,9月20日 晚上22:00-凌晨3:00 就在DAFF场地地下一层 16铺水岸商业中心,中山东二路531号,靠近东门路和外滩英迪格酒店 30rmb // Free shot for early birds 人民币30 //早到更有免费shot等你来喝 关于Funk Bast*rd //Cosa Nostra //Darker Than Wax http://soundcloud.com/cosanostra http://soundcloud.com/darkerthanwax   关于Supporting DJs /DJ https://soundcloud.com/thedonn http://soundcloud.com/theuhhh  
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