131022_halloween_flyer-16pu   The holidays are over, and summer is dead. To turn the morbidity up a notch, we’ve locked down a raw, unloved warehouse. The landlord didn’t want to rent it, saying that it’s haunted by the ghosts of dead 1930’s British expat ladies, 1970’s hong kong gangsters, Shanghainese KTV moguls and Haibao.  It sounded like a party to us. So we’re cramming it with a big sound system, a throng of creepy dancers, and the scarily smooth disco / house sounds of ATTAR!.  Hailing from Belgium and one half of Mustang, ATTAR! carved out his name throwing Brussels’ infamous Dirty Dancing parties, with the Magician as resident and guests like Laurent Garnier and Carl Craig.  Now taking his party-till-you-drop style around the world. ATTAR! has been releasing on Eskimo Recordings and remixing artists from Gossip to Giorgio Moroder. Dig out that vat of crusty fake radioactive blood, and start scheming a deranged outfit – we’ve sold our souls to make sure it’s the most banging macabre party of the year. Support from our favorite possessed DJs Mau Mau, Mia and DBEAR. This horrifying night is produced with support from STORM, Shanghai’s first major electronic music festival coming up on November 16th and 22nd. Check it out: http://www.a2live.cn/storm/ // Saturday, October 26th 22:00 till the sun comes up Zhongshan Dong Er Lu No. 531 . B2 level 80rmb Presale 120rmb Door   Presale tickets available at the following locations:   ◣◥ TICT 228 Anfu Lu, Bldg. 11, near Wulumuqi Lu   ◣◥ Shanghai 247 www.247ticketschina.com     //   ATTAR! https://www.facebook.com/AttariMusic?ref=ts&fref=ts http://www.twitter.com/ATTARI_Tweet http://www.instagram.com/_attari_ // Supporting DJs Mau Mau http://soundcloud.com/maumaushanghai Mia https://soundcloud.com/kcat_mia DBEAR http://soundcloud.com/dbearmusic // More Info www.tictcreative.com www.facebook.com/tictcreative www.weibo.com/tict   十一假期已经结束,夏日也正式过去了。 不过不用伤感,我们找到了一个弃置的仓库。房东说里面闹鬼,30年代的英国女士,70年代的香港黑社会,天天唱卡拉OK的大亨,各种惊悚。我们觉得这绝对是派对地点的不二之选。 我们将带上一套震耳欲聋的音响,一群奇异的舞者,以及ATTAR!惊悚却又流畅的disco/house至音。来自比利时,曾是Mustang组合的一员,ATTAR!成名于布鲁塞尔声名远扬Dirty Dance派对,有着像the Magician和Compuphonic这样的常驻DJ,Tiga, Laurent Garnier及Carl Craig都曾在此演出。如今ATTAR!将他的派对带到全球,在Eskimo Recordings厂牌下发表作品并混音 Gossip和Giorgio Moroder等人的曲目。 把那被你遗忘在角落里的万圣节道具都找出来,并开始设计一套装扮。然我们用我们的灵魂来换取一场旷世派对吧! 客串DJ Mau Mau, DBEAR及Mia。 这一惊恐之夜由STORM音乐节协力举办。STORM音乐节作为上海第一个大型电子音乐节鉴于11月16日及22日登陆。 // 10月26日,周六 22:00 至翌日 中山东二路531号地下2层 预售票80元 现场票120元 // ATTAR! https://soundcloud.com/attari https://www.facebook.com/AttariMusic?ref=ts&fref=ts http://www.twitter.com/ATTARI_Tweet http://www.instagram.com/_attari_   DJ Mau Mau http://soundcloud.com/maumaushanghai DBEAR http://soundcloud.com/dbearmusic Mia https://soundcloud.com/kcat_mia   更多详情: www.tictcreative.com www.facebook.com/tictcreative www.weibo.com/tict  
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