Words by Davide Sgherri Banksy kept New Yorkers on their toes last month, with a surprise new painting every day as part of his Better Out Than In residency. Foreseeing the quick removal of his works (his first two pieces were painted over by rival artists within hours) he’d set up an Instagram account under Banksyny allowing his – now over 300,000 – followers to see the works upon completion. And here are a few of our favourites… Day 2: “This is my New York accent… normally I write like this” — Westside Day2 Day 5: A mobile garden – All NYC Day5 Day 11: The Sirens of the Lambs – Meatpacking District video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDIz7mEJOeA Day11 Day 12: Concrete confessional – Manhattan Day 12 Day 16: Ronald McDonald gets a shoeshine from Banksy — South Bronx Day16 Day 18: An exhibition space complete with audio guide –  http://banksy.co.uk/2013/10/18/west-24th-street – West 24thstreet Day18 Day 29: A thrift store painting vandalized then re-donated to the thrift store – 23rd Street Day 29a day 29b Day 31: “Inflatable Throw-Up” – Long Island Expressway, Queens Day 31   http://banksy.co.uk/ http://instagram.com/Banksyny    
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