dj_snake-v3-PINK-BIG-LOGO   FRIDAY NOVEMBER 8th! OFFICIAL STORM FESTIVAL PRE PARTY ONE LOVE SHANGHAI & URBANEARS PRESENT: MAD DECENT’S DJ SNAKE (Paris) It’s all going down at our favorite underground warehouse venue – ARKHAM. With a massive sound system, heavy bass, and a dance floor that can hold close to 1000 BADONKADONKS (People). What Kind of sounds are going to make it clap you ask? Well sh!ttt, a special blend of everything GOOD: TRAP- GHETTO HOUSE – FUTURES BASS – HIPHOP -DnB DUBSTEP – DEEP HOUSE & Everything our Ears were made for. DJ SNAKE : If somewhere, in the vast expanse of the multiverse, there exists a planet where giant exotic birds twerk to trap and hard-style all day long under a blazing tropical sun, then DJ Snake is definitely from that planet. Hailing from Paris, France, the grammy-nominated producer exports a brand of party music so ferociously groovy that it instantly sets any party on fire, regardless of how steamy it may already be. His 2013 Jeffree’s release “Bird Machine” is an infectious, staple trap anthem. He has received extensive play from the likes of Dillon Francis, Diplo, and Baauer, to name but a few, and has shared stages with Legends such as Skrillex, Zedd, and Lunice. On top of that, he has produced FAT A$$ BEATS for P.Diddy, T.I. Akon, and more. DJ SNAKE @ ARKHAM – SHANGHAI’S MASSIVE UNDERGROUND WAREHOUSE VENUE. 1 Wulumuqi Road, Hengshan Road. 100rmb Entrance 50rmb Before 11pm with RSVP to (1email/rsvp) SUPPORTING DJs: Conrank Heatwolves Cavia Tourettez VISUAL: Xponja This is an official Storm Festival Pre Party – Shanghai’s first major electronic music festival coming up on November 16th and 22nd. Check it out: Storm Tickets will be on sale at this event. Check out Time Out’s Guide to Storm Line Up At:   11月8日(周五) 2013年 ONE LOVE SHANGHAI+URBANEARS 「视」「听」冲击呈现: MAD DECENT之 DJ SNAKE 助阵DJ:Conrank (英式蛋炒饭), Heatwolves, Tourrettez, and DJ Cavia (2008年中国DMC DJ冠军) 现场:100元 预售:50元 预约至 (当日11点前入场) 地点:Arkham 乌鲁木齐路1号, 近衡山路 Arkham是位于上海的一间超大的地下仓库,其舞池能容纳1000人以上 当日音乐:TRAP, HIPHOP, DUBSTEP, GHETTO HOUSE, FUTURE BASS DJ SNAKE 音乐简历: 在浩瀚无际的多重宇宙中总存在着这样一种星球,在这星球上的外来庞然大物们每天在炙热的热带阳光下疯狂挥洒汗水的炙舞。 DJ SNAKE绝对就是来自那个星球! 被法国巴黎格莱美提名的制作人把这派对音乐的品牌理念巧妙融合, 尽管那汗流浃背的现场氛围已达到极致,那种凶猛激烈的渲染力仍然让任何派对都为之沸腾。2013年收录在Jeffree’s的“Bird Machine”巧妙取样鸟鸣并漂亮的融合TRAP韵律,给人耳朵带来一记奇妙渲染力的体验,歌如其名得成为2013年度最炙手可热的单曲之一。 略具数列,这一支单曲还被Dillon Francis, Diplo, 和Baauer广泛的在一些世界最大的音乐节舞台上传放。 DJ SNAKE的才能就是点燃乐趣,他天才般的独特风格搭配上令人震惊的旋律让人有种对未知的期待感而亢奋,然其答案是肯定的。  
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