130919_TOAST-flyer-web Summer’s gone – we have come home. All those who’ve flocked away for August are now back to the city…so what now? We toast? Make some toast? Get toasted? Who better to do all of the above with than TICT juggernauts: Mau Mau, Raz, Teasy & The Uhhh. Expect the usual…just bigger.  We’re packing the bund beach one last time before Winter starts creepin’ in.  One last time to do work in your swim trunks & bikinis.  One last time to get down’n’dirty in the sand. You know the drill.  We’re not going to let Summer get away quietly. Date: Saturday, September 28th Door: 100rmb // FREE before 12pm noon w/RSVP: rsvp@tictcreative.com ONE RSVP per Email, write your full name in the subject line // To reserve your own soft & comfy cabana, email rsvp@tictcreative.com. *IF IT RAINS the party will be moved to the NEXT DAY – Sunday, September 29th —-   夏末已至-我们回来啦。 逃离了上海夏日的人们陆续回归。。。何不聚首一番? 我们举杯共饮?我们烤些土司?然后再在最后的高温里翻烤一次? 当然TICT的御用DJ团队Mau Mau, Raz, Teasy 及 The Uhhh亦是不可或缺。 这是寒冬入袭前我们最后一次欢聚外滩阳光沙滩,一样的景象,更多欢乐。最后一次机会穿者比基尼和泳装,在沙滩里嬉戏。 老地点老面孔,一醉方归。 沙滩上见! 日期:9月28日,周六 门票:100元 // 发送email 到rsvp@tictcreative.com预约即可在中午12点前免费入场;每个email地址对应一位来宾,并且请附注您的全名在主题栏。 // 发送邮件到rsvp@tictcreative.com预定沙滩小屋让你的海滩派对更完美吧! *如遇天气不测,派对活动将顺延至下一天(8月29日,周日) DJs http://www.soundcloud.com/maumaushanghai https://soundcloud.com/lolaclubshanghai http://soundcloud.com/richarddribbles http://www.soundcloud.com/theuhhh   More Info // 更多详情: www.tictcreative.com www.weibo.com/tict  
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