In Italy contemporary and street art do not receive the same attention as Old Masters and others in the more established fine art category. You really do have to go on a search for it, but good news for fans of the former two, a change is taking place. Amongst the Jesus-Mother Mary-Renaissance paintings there is a growing underground movement, and this is where Sten and Lex come into play, as pioneers of this transformation. The Italian street art duo Sten & Lex has a unique style – the product of a peculiar hybrid process they call “Stencil Poster”. Typically, their graphical textures crystallize into portraits of people who have been photographed randomly by the artists, or whose pictures they found in photo albums. With the help of big posters Stand and Lex paper walls and paint them over afterwards. Finally, they peel off stripes in order to create a strikingly new texture. Sten and Lex’s murals already belong to the cityscape of European and American metropolises. Yet no matter where you come across them, their murals always convey a powerful sense of the elusiveness of images and identities alike. Check their website for more info: Bari, Italy 2013 st6 Shanghai, China 2013 st7 Piekary, Poland 2013 st1 Baltimore, USA 2012 st4 Rome, Italy 2012 st8 Atlanta, Usa 2012 st3 Rome, Italy 2012 st9 Koge, Denmark 2011 st5      
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