Instead of the usual DJ interview: studio-focused tech talk,  tributes to their musical influences, or ‘what’s hot’ in their record bag, we decided to get to know them better with a series of Awkward First Dates. Subject 1: Pizza-lover + loud farter– we present to you…Justin Martin.  We caught up with him just before his gig tonight at The Shelter to dig in his head a bit and see how he likes to get weird. Check what he’s got to say. Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 7.54.57 PM Q: Which would you prefer … a firm butt grab from your best friend’s grandmother or a nipple twister from your mailman? A: I’d go with the butt grab… titty twisters can hurt pretty bad if done right, and my mailman is a big guy.   Q: What is your go-to hangover meal? A: PIZZA   Q: How many single socks would you say you have in your drawer? A: None, i throw them away instantly. I have 2 feet and i like to match:)   Q: Of the Dirtybird crew, who has the worst smelling farts? Please describe in detail what the fart smells like. A: hahaha!!! I’m not gonna throw anyone from my crew under the bus… mine are the loudest though.   Q: When do you plan on getting a proper job? A: I wouldn’t mind conducting an orchestra someday… is that a proper job? if not then never.   Q: You’re known for drinking lots of beer, what do you to fight back pee urges during your sets? A: I try and pace myself pretty well while I’m djing, but when i gotta go ill reach for a track thats nice and long and make a run for it.   Q: What is the funniest thing that’s happened on your tour thus far? A: Nothing funny ever happens on tour with me. its a very very very serious business that i am in. thats a total lie, i would say the funniest thing that happened so far was playing a secret after party in melbourne with solomun and claude vonstroke where we all had to dress up in disguises so no one would know it was us. claude wore a zz top beard and a pink pirate hat and solomun wore a feather boa. the whole night was a riot!   Q: Make your dream pizza…go! A: Thin crust with a fair amount of crunch, topped with sausage, onion, fresh jalapeños, basil, quality cheese, and a nice chunky tomato sauce.   Q: Which spice girl are you and why? A: I’m a combination of booty spice and party spice.. those were always my favorite from the crew.   Q: What was your most memorable experience in Shanghai last time you were here? A: The street food! lots and lots of street food:)   Q: Any new projects on the horizon? A: Yes! I’m taking some time off from touring to start my second album in 2014. i am also auditioning for the group “one direction”   Q: What would it take to get you to wear the dirtybird mascot costume while djing? A: I’ve done it! me, claude vonstroke and eats everything all dressed up in bird mascot costumes at bestival last year and it was sweltering hot! i think i lost about 10 pounds from just sweating. i hope i never have to put that thing on ever again.   Q: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to djs/djing? probably when people make stupid requests. A: No I’m not going to play iron maiden tonight.   Q:  What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? A: Rainbow sherbert
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