Words by Anouk Allemand Good news for vintage lovers! Dreams Flea Market, a regular vintage market has launched a month-long pop-up crammed with retro goodies, food stalls and a bonbon shop, fittingly located within a repurposed bunker (aka whatever the weather!) Anyone can be a stall owner for a day. Each vendor has their own paint-flaked door to front their space, giving a personal touch.  Interested in selling your precious wares at the market? All second-hand and hand-made items are welcome. The brains behind this concept is Sisi Yu, a creative at the Dreams Factory Asia collective, who started by collecting vintage gadgets from around the world — refreshing whilst living in a materialistic concrete jungle. So, to all you hardcore junk hunters, you have till Jan 15th 2014! Closes Wed Jan 15th 2014 // Daily 11am-9pm Basement, Xintiandi Style 245 Madang Lu, near Fuxing Lu, Huangpu district 55e7988f-53ad-4e55-b648-83bd19cf9932 20120327052124125_Medium 20121204015317660_Medium
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