ART ART AND ART AGAIN… Here at TICT we never get tired of it and this week we would like to take you to Chelsea, New York City, to the David Zwirner Gallery for their Yayoi Kusama exhibition “I Who Have Arrived in Heaven“. y3 Though she has been less active in recent years, fame in New York is not new to Yayoi Kusama. There was a time when she was as well-known as Andy Warhol among admirers of Pop Art and beyond. Acknowledged as a progenitor of the Minimalism movement in the 1960’s, Kusama made headlines for street performances in which she painted polka dots on nude men and women. But later was largely forgotten by the art world after she returned to Japan in 1973, suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder and was eventually admitted into a mental institution, where she remains to this day. Queues have already been forming inside of David Zwirner gallery, where fans wait for their chance to experience the “Infinity Mirrored Room” – “The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away” and “Love Is Calling”. The first is an isolated space occupied by reflective surfaces and twinkling lights, reminiscent of The Whitney’s previous Kusama-centric installation, “Fireflies on the Water”. The other is a room covered in spotted, tentacled sculptures and filled with Kusama’s voice echoing through the whimsical ecosystem. Visitors are only allowed around 40 seconds in each of the chambers, maybe not enough but definitely worth it. Visit “I Who Have Arrived In Heaven” before it ends on December 21, 2013. Don’t miss Yayoi Kusama at MOCA Shanghai from December 15 Meanwhile take a trip (and fittingly so) into Kusama’s dream-like mental landscapes… yk3 Yayoi Kusama "I Who Have Arrived In Heaven" Exhibition - Press Preview Yayoi Kusama "I Who Have Arrived In Heaven" Exhibition - Press Preview        
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