Check out these concepts from all over the world to keep a close eye on. From energy providing microscopic windmills to a pay-per-minute café in London. Energy Micro-Windmills 2 1 3 By scientists of the University of Texas Arlington // Micro-windmills to provide energy // Charging phones, energy for lighting or wireless communication devices. Inventors: // Project Developers: // Pay-Per-Minute Café in London ziferblat3USE_2793005b article-2536221-1A81E14E00000578-356_634x422 52cedc1b39589 Name: Zilferblat // Great master-mind: Ivan Mittin // Concept: Pay 3p-per-minute. Self-service. Wash your own dishes. // Parisian City Skyline x Icehotel 3-icehotel-suite-by-les-ateliers-de-germaine 6-icehotel-suite-by-les-ateliers-de-germaine 5-icehotel-suite-by-les-ateliers-de-germaine Location: Jukkäsiarvi, Sweden // Architects: Les Ateliers de Germaine // Concept: Capturing the atmosphere and essence of Paris, in ice. // Yeezianity (- I just can’t..) Kanye-Christ-Drawing-Yeezianity-Religion-01162014-01 kanye-sistine kanye-west-2014-01-18-300x300 The Believers call themselves a ‘forward-minded group who believe that the one who calls himself Yeezus is the highest living human being and he will help to usher in a New Age of Humanity’ // One of the ‘5 Pillars’: Money is unnecessary except as a means of exchange (If you say so…..) // To join the Church of Yeezus and become a “Ye’ciple” you have to take a photo/video of yourself stating ‘I Believe in Yeezus’. It’s that simple! // Nikebasketball Concept Store 2-nikebasketball-store-in-chiba-japan-by-specialnormal 5-nikebasketball-store-in-chiba-japan-by-specialnormal Largest Nike Basketball store in Japan // Created by Specialnormal design studio// The key concept: ‘The Basketball Court’ – the exhibits and a pendant circular light were all placed at 3,05 m from the floor, based on the standard height of the basket. // Garden Guerrilla: Throw-and-Grow seed-bombs-with-slinger-1-460x460 flower-grenades-by-Tony-Minh-Nguyen-and-Showhome te_seed-bombs Seed-ball bombs, flower grenades, green bullets // Converted gum-ball machines dispensing seed bombs instead of sweets // Creating instant green space in urban environments.  
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