38311385016406 Words: Anouk Allemand Feel like escaping the daily rush and 24/7 mentality of Shanghai? Here’s a hideaway that gives you the chance to relax and have some arty away time (I call it cocooning) from the city. The funny thing about The Attic is the location. It’s located above a well-known club, Lune. If you take the ridiculously small elevator (not so fun ride for anyone with claustrophobia) to the roof level 218, you enter an open-air porch with a 360º view of the neighbourhood. You can enjoy this with a cup of coffee, imagining the people below as a colony of ants.. The inside is filled with soft electronica and indie rock music. The interior is literally an attic, frame structure and all. The great master-mind behind this space is Toru Harada (manager of Boobies tattoo parlour), who prior to setting up this project was working for a large advertising firm for 80-90 hours a week. Then, a few years ago, he just got sick of it, “my life was not healthy, and I wasn’t happy,” Harada explained. He always wanted to run his own gallery and shop, but thought he didn’t have the means. When speaking to his friends, he learnt that they felt the same way, but decided that together they had more power. “So we pooled our resources, found this place and started The Attic. And we are very happy with that!” The Attic provides an all-purpose art and music bastion for those that can’t find a gallery for their paintings or photos, or of those that want a DJ-ing gig.  “If your art or music does well here, you’ll suddenly start finding success elsewhere,” Harada says. “We want people to be active, creatively. If you show your art of play your tunes here, you’ll get support and honest advice. And don’t let the strange angles of the attic scare you off to hang your stuff there, see it as a challenge and use to your advantage!” Visit The Attic on the Sixth Floor, 218 Xinle Lu, near Fumin Lu, Xuhui district. http://www.daattic.com/  85841385016700      
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