Words by Susan Angelia Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist is a regular in fashion industry, photographing fashion people directly from fashion capital cities, New York to London, Milan to Paris. However, now the spotlight goes to Shanghai’s very own answer to street style photographer, Roy Zhang. While designers are busy showcasing their latest creations to fulfill the needs for those fashion hungers, the ‘real’ runway is actually happening right outside your door. And I know, you might not encounter the fashion parade everyday, however now even when you are busy with your interesting jobs or school, you can see it now in front of your computer screen through Roy’s own lense. Roy Zhang is a 28-year-old engineer students turned photographer and has shot editorials for Dior and Grazia yet has established name on local fashion circuit. His new website, The Shanghai Express features the best of city’s street style. If you find your style is interesting enough, you might find yourself featured on his blog! Or hang around the French Concession and Nanjing Xi Lu, as both are his favorite place to shoot. Worth a check! Some of his photos here: blog2 blog4 blog5 blog6  
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