The second year students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) had a tough task these past few weeks. For the annual project ‘Triktiek’ the second year students had to develop a new fashion concept along with three matching outfits, a business pitch and visualize the brand in a 3D presentation that was shown in a exhibition on the 5th of February. One of the fashion concepts that we felt stood out was BULWARCK. A durable clothing line for the year 2020 that is adaptable on different situations and environments. The team behind this brand is a mix of students from management, branding and design. So their concept behind the line is the ‘Zeeuwse Mentaliteit’, i.e Zeeland’s mentality. They were inspired by the innovative solutions that Zeeland creates in their ‘fight’ against water and the rough climate. The clothes adapt in the same way to changing developments. They believe in the endless possibilities each change offers. The team behind BULWARCK captures the ‘Zeeuwse Mentaliteit’ in a very creative and challenging way. The mix of rough materials (such as the ropes) and satin looking material makes the collection very modern and functional. Check out the pictures below. 1598676_218593114993275_302213178_o 1669775_218593244993262_160406972_o 1524214_218592971659956_1785133_o For more info visit:        
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