DES2 We sat down with Rob from Crown Duels and Nima From DE$iGNATED over some coffee this sunny afternoon before they hit the infamous fabric market. Apart from planning out the dinner for tomorrow, these bassline machines dropped us their thoughts after touring China the past two weekends: You guys toured China for a little bit recently, how was it? And since it’s the last gig for the tour, what are you expecting from Shanghai? Rob: Great, I loved Beijing!  It’s quite a nice place.  Smog wasn’t too bad, haha. Nima: Definitely an experience, it’s nice to come here to actually see what the culture is like and see the differences.  The tour was great so far, always good to push UK music to more obscure places.  I’m looking forward to the Shanghai gig. Food-wise, so far what have you guys liked the most in China? Rob: I loved the food, the dumplings and the Beijing noodles and hotpot. Nima: I’m pleasantly surprised by the food here, the Chinese take-out back home taste like nothing like the food here.  I really liked the spiciness and the selection of noodles here. Any crazy stories in China so far? Rob: While we were playing in Kunming that night, the news feed just kept popping up saying a mass stabbing was happening in the railway station.  That was insane! My condolences to the victims and their families.  Nima: Oh too much happened.  One day I will tell my grandkids of the stunning events that happened. How did the Beyoncé remix happen? Nima: My manager made it happened.  I asked Rob to jump on board and he said no…HA.HA. Any big hits coming up? Rob: We are producing a track called “Easily” with DrDr which will be released under OD Music.  It’s going to be a nice one. Nima: Got a few things in the pipe line.  A new track soon with Roger Sanchez; and “Valentines” is going to be re-released soon. Favorite place to play? Rob: Cable in London.  It’s closed though, quite a shame. Nima: It’s hard to choose, but probably Rainbow Venue in England. Or Aura in Wales.  Same as Cable; it got shut down. Miss that place. One song you will never play in your set. Rob: Black Eyed Peas – I Got a Feeling. Nima: Anything from Crown Duels, haha. St. Patrick’s day is coming up, what have you planed for it? Rob & Nima: Going to be on the flight back to the UK.  Hopefully, they have Guinness or Jameson there. Favourite ice cream flavours? Rob: Rum raspberry. Nima: Coconut and Pistachio.   Make sure to check these guys out on the last stop of their China tour tomorrow at Arkham! More info here.
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