As the weather has been looking up, the shades and shorts are coming out. To welcome the arrival of another party season, we are throwing the first TICTFMLY of the year at LOgO. Yes! Time to drink baijiu with strangers and invent some new dance moves.

This time we’ve gathered club maestro Mau Mau and TICT house holder The Uhhh, along with two new faces Javi Kalero and Jais. Four of them will bang it to the top like the four horsemen. No rest till dawn. Plus that Jägermeister neon sign at the corner of the dance floor, it’s guaranteed to be a messy night! // Friday, 28th March 22:00 – Sun’s Up 10RMB or 20 w/ a shot LoGo – 298 Xingfu Lu, near Pingwu Lu // More Info: Mau Mau: http://soundcloud.com/maumaushanghai The Uhhh: https://soundcloud.com/theuhhh Javier: https://soundcloud.com/basic-device Jais: http://djais.podomatic.com

www.tictcreative.com www.weibo.com/tict

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这次我们请到了上海夜店大师Mau Mau和TICT大当家The Uhhh,及两位新晋DJ,Javi Kalero和Jais。四人将带大家彻夜狂欢欢,不到天亮不休息! // 周五,3月28日 晚10点 – 翌日 入场 10元 或 20元(赠送shot一杯) LoGo – 幸福路298号, 近平武路 // 更多详情:

Mau Mau: http://soundcloud.com/maumaushanghai The Uhhh: https://soundcloud.com/theuhhh Javier: https://soundcloud.com/basic-device Jais: http://djais.podomatic.com

www.tictcreative.com www.weibo.com/tict

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