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The Exchange Programme for #AllAroundUs

We caught up with video artist and filmmaker Anneliese Charek of B6C about their plans to exhibit the work of six artists from ‘The Exchange Program’ in hidden locations – their aim was to show the existence of a broad spectrum of work coming from Chinese artists embracing the medium of video art. Fitting with the #AllAroundUs theme as all the artists live and work with a medium that doesn’t get as much exposure in this city.

Who are B6C?

Basement 6 is an independently funded art-space, that contributes a number of unique events and exhibitions to the community. TEP was created in 2013 to promote Chinese video/film art abroad. The idea is that two distant cities are exchanging their work, exploring each country’s similarities and differences, and seeing how the same medium is interpreted by another culture. This is TEP’s inaugural exchange, between Cannes and Shanghai.

Why are we doing TEP?

“To see what has happened from the start of this program, to now, has been amazing. The response we got from artists who wanted to participate has been wonderful. We never wanted to compromise the quality of work that would be included in this program, and we haven’t had to. In the end we are going to have a very large and diverse Chinese program. The work of these 20 artists will be exhibited at B6C over the whole month of June. Some of the artists are already very well established, and many are very young newcomers. We hope this will be an opportunity for the local artists to be amongst their peers, and discuss their work with the art community. In the coming year, we hope to take some of this work to other areas of the world, giving more exposure to the participating artists, while at the same time showing new work from other countries in Shanghai.”

TEP’s participating Chinese artists:

Wang Fang, Xia Mu, Wang Xin, Li Ming, Cheng Ran, Li Xiao Fei, Xu Zhe, Chen Hangfeng, Qiu Anxiong, Wu Ding, Elian, Li Liao, Wu Chao, Mujin, Hu QingTai, Ni Weihua, Liang Yue, Hsu Che-Yu, Ye Linghan, Chia-Wei Hsu.

And what good timing, tonight is the launch of the TEP Shanghai event, so we will definitely be joining them for their 8pm screening at Dada! – more info here:


“I would like the visitors to experience each video installation as they travel through the fair, and come across the work in unexpected places. Possibly they turn a corner and are confronted by a projection of one of the pieces. They can feel free to quickly take a look, or stop and watch the piece.”

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