uptown (1)Great news for music lovers out there! If you are not sure how to fill in your weekend (besides binge drinking in Yongkang Lu), make sure to come visit the BEST record shop in Shanghai, Uptown Records. It is all about vinyl, vinyl, vinyl from all genres and from all over the place: rock, punk, indie rock, dubstep, house, techno, reggae, and more. This record store also doubled as a vintage fashion store. Uptown Record is run by DJ Sacco and placed just around the corner from DADA. Look for the small sign beside the stairs into a residential block and head downstairs to find the stacks of wax. The place is open daily from 2pm to 9pm.

Uptown Record is bringing Shanghai’s selection of quality music overground and participating at DAFF this Spring!

Address: 115 Pingwu Lu, near Xingfu Lu, Xuhui




More from DJ Sacco here:

City Weekend


乙烯,乙烯,所有流派和来自全国各地的地方乙烯:摇滚, 朋克7, 独立摇滚,dub step, house , 电子音乐, 雷鬼等。 唱片店也作为复古时尚店以及。 每日营业时间为下午2点至晚上9点,有时也举办特别的活动。DJ Sacco 经营上城记录, 这个小唱片店就位于在DADA的角落。

今年上城记录参加DAFF 2014春季和给你们介绍上海的精选优质音乐!

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