We’ve all been to a disco party, the disco ball’s spinning, lasers everywhere, smoke up and down and in your face, but when’s the last time you went to one of those parties?

Who doesn’t want to get a bit physical in the misty fog, with that glow-in-the-dark gin & tonic (yes, gin & tonic glows in the dark) in your hands and Donna Summer blasting in the background? Then come down to Arkham on Friday, May 9th and let’s get funky and groovy one more time. We will deck the dance hall up and shine those lights bright. One of Shanghai’s golden girls, Tessa, knobs the groove on before Swedish disco hammer Lindberg smash the beats into the dance floor. After that, El’se & Laura Ingalls from none other but the magical Acid Pony Club will put on a feast of disco for you to enjoy. So dust the mud and rain stink off your funkiness and let’s spin that disco ball. // 我们都听说过Disco派对,迪斯科球折射各种色彩,激光四处漫射,烟雾缭绕如入仙境。但你有真正身处其间过吗? 又有谁不想在烟雾中起伴随着Donner Summer的歌声起舞呢? 那就在5月9日晚上来Arkham和我们一起Disco Lazer狂舞吧!首先登台的将是上海金童之一Tessa,她可以将Disco放到牛奶般丝滑。然后是来自瑞典的Lindberg将在舞池里扔下disco炸弹。最后上场的是来自Acid Pony Club的El’se和Laura Ingalls,两人将背靠背为大家带来一场声觉盛宴。 拂去雨后留在你心里的烟尘,和我们一起转动那Disco球吧! // Lick it up. // Friday, May 9th / 周五,5月9日 22:00 – Late / 22点-翌日 Arkham 1 Wulumuqi Lu, near Hengshan Lu / 乌鲁木齐路1号,近衡山路 Door: 30RMB / 门票:30元 // More Info / 更多详情: https://soundcloud.com/el-se http://www.soundcloud.com/lauraingalls https://www.facebook.com/tictcreative www.tictcreative.com www.weibo.com/tict
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