Mark your calendars. DAFF Fall ’14 is on the way! DAFF (Design Art Fashion Fair) is returning to the West Bund in Shanghai. To get you all excited, the #CREATEMORE campaign starts September 1st. Every week there will be a new word to inspire creativity and discussion. Every single entry will be incorporated some way by our artists for #DAFF FALL 14. We want to see your ideas come to life at DAFF. The key word can be interpreted however you like, it can be as concrete or as abstract as you wish. Any form is welcome! Music, audio, photo, illustration, video, poem, or something even more creative.

Post it to your social networks using the #DAFF #CREATEMORE hashtag  to join the excitement. Be sure to keep up with the DAFF #CREATEMORE webpage for updates on the campaign.






 Wechat: @tictcreative

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