We’ve all bought plastic disposable water bottles, and we’ve had reusable ones… Big, small, clunky… but flat?! 7690765   The creative minds behind the new Memobottle have created an envelope water bottle that comes in three sizes: Letter, A4, and A5. The product is made out of dish-washer friendly, BPA-Free Tritan. Sleek, comepletely transparent, and easily slips into a bag the same way a tablet or book might.   3805228     This sleek form is meant to reduce the space taken up by the traditional cylindrical bottle, as well as reduce the global consumption of disposable bottles, which was up to 50 billion just last year. This stylish and eco-friendly bottle design has the potential to not only drastically reduce our contribution towards climate change through plastic waste, but also continue to spark and influence innovative product design of everyday items.   Check out additional features of the product on Kickstarter. Hopefully we can all get our hands on one soon.
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