Long gone are the days of traditional light shows. Go-go lights, strobe lights, and laser light shows, are now passé. Therefore, we bring you the future! Projection mapping has come out of projection installations and have hit the stage in a BIG way. This advancement in projection technology gives bigger, brighter, bolder imaging that is now no longer a shadow of a graphic image, but brought to life in its most vivid form. These projections give us the boldest and trippiest experiences when combined with the amazing new and creative sounds in music today. This can turn an aural journey into an audio-visual experience to last a life-time. TICT team members were especially inspired by these projection mapping projects that we want to share with you:

1. Janelle Monae + M.I.A. Holographic Duet

2. Eric Prydz + Immersive

If you want to see how far visuals have come in conjunction with music, THROW IT BACK to the 70’s when liquid light shows were all the rage. Gotta love the colors.

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