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The 48 Hour Film Project is an indie film scene staple around the world, occurring annually in 120 different cities. For the 5th year in a row Shanghai will show its filmmaking chops and once AGAIN rep itself as one of the top destinations for artists. Each 48HFP team needs to incorporate an assigned prop, character, line of dialogue and genre. Then they’re sent into the wild—gleaning inspiration from their surroundings and their souls—all to make a 4-7 minute short film that does Shanghai proud.

What: Write, shoot, and edit a short film over a mere 48 hours. Registration is now open for teams including producers, directors, camera operators, sound techs, editors, actors, magicians, stunt doubles, wig owners, people with cars to borrow, barista friends with access to lots of coffee… anyone willing to be part of cinematic history. No experience needed but CREATIVES need apply. Shorts will be shown at a glitzy, glammy silver-screen whammy with prizes awarded by guest judges in the industry.

Where: all events– kick-off and drop-off for filmmakers, screenings for all– are hosted at The Apartment.

How: Go to www.48hourfilm.com/en/shanghai to learn more. Write a love letter to city producer Danielle at shanghai@48hourfilm.com

When: Register by November 14th. Make movie magic November 21st – 23rd . Come see the screenings November 28th/30th.

Bust out of your routine. Make your weekend unforgettable. Make it into a movie.

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